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100 Days of code – Preproduction #Day1

“Hello World”

We all started writing this when we started writing our first coding.

I started writing my first code when i was studying 12th Started with the programming C programming language.

Used a computer in my school i promised myself i will become anyone but a computer science engineer. I was afraid of coding back then.

Things changed. Time has given me opportunity to learn coding and get a job here.

I’m never satisfied with my coding skills in my life till now.

To the industry i can say i’m 8 years experienced in IT. But i don’t have the satisfaction that i code efficiently.

I have successfully completed many projects in my journey but still i think i could have one better with coding better efficiency, better performance.

It’s not about doing big projects for me its about doing the best at the project and the things available to me.

Im taking a commitment to Start coding my 100 day code challenge Starting from Friday(10-Apr-2020).

These are the linkes that inspried me to take the #100dayscodechallange

Here’s what i’m going to do.

I will blog the progress daily and tweet about it.

Planning to make a Spark Bigdata streaming application that takes the data from Google cloud then connects to kafka then using spark streaming its gets processed then get stored in to hbase/Cassandra from there using a REST API to fetch it.

And i will make this project available in Github.

More details to follow.

Signing off.




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